Sam + Andrew at Padonia Park Club

Sam and Andrew are by far some of the best people we've worked with, so to be a part of their day was an amazing privilege. The day started with Sam and her ladies prepping, enjoying gifts from the groom, and one another. The bride chose unique, navy blue Kenneth Cole strap sandals to match her grooms suit, and in addition to her engagement ring, wore her grandmothers ring as well.


Sam's sister was of course, her maid of honor, and along with her other hilarious bridesmaids, helped her do finishing touches and get into the jaw dropping gorgeous gown. I mean, look at how amazingly beautiful she is!

From there we traveled to the ceremony and reception site in Cockeysville, Maryland; the Padonia Park Club had a beautiful pavilion set up and ready for us to take wedding party pictures and get to know everyone.


All three of these cuties were a blast to work with, and the little guy kept us on our toes! Brody has such a huge personality, and the love from both Sam and Andrew for him is wonderful to see.


From there, we quickly did bridal portraits as the temperature was slowly dropping; these two were such troopers throughout the whole thing. Aren't they just the most gorgeous couple?!


After a brief warm up inside, the party headed back out into a slight misting for the ceremony; the rain provided quite a peaceful and amazing ambiance, on top of that, it's good luck! These two are such an awesome and happy couple, and their ceremony reflected that fully :)


Without a doubt, these two are the cutest, between the love they share, the littlest member of the family, and their humor, we enjoyed every minute. Even with the light sprinkling of rain and chill in the air, Sam and Andrews wedding was absolutely breathtaking and we are truly blessed to be a part of it.