Lina + Fron At Historic Oakland

 Lina contacted us a little over a month before her big date in need of a replacement photographer, and even though it was a spur of the moment sort of things they are by far one of our favorite couples! Her wedding was almost completely DIY, though you definitely couldn't tell that it wasn't done by the pros; some ladies just got it, man.

 The day started with getting ready in the Bridal Suite at The Historic Oakland in Elliott City, MD. Lina and her brides maid had just finished putting touches on the reception area before; from there the day was non-stop.


Across the hall, Fron, his son, and his groomsmen put on the last few touches, getting ready and so excited to see his bride!

The ceremony was held on the front steps of the manor, Fron and the bridal party joined together waiting for Lina to appear. 

After their bridal portrait, they families gathered on the back patio for their grand entrance and dancing. The whole family has such a great spirit, laughing and enjoying themselves, it was adorable to watch the first dance, the father and daughter dance, and the mother and son dance.

From there, everyone headed inside; Lina decorated the tables in a beautiful and classic way, matching perfectly with the decor of the Oakland. After eating (and that food was GOOD, y'all), all headed to a side room for the tea pouring ceremony; a practice that dates back as far as 1,200 years ago. Lina changed into a gorgeous traditional Chinese dress; she and Fron kneeled in front of two wing backs as the parents, grand parents, and family members of both took turns giving blessings and taking tea. This tradition is seen as extremely important in Chinese culture, as it is an introduction of the families and a showing of respect. 

After the tea was drained, the blessing and introductions gave, everyone mingled, danced, and enjoyed the party. It was truly an unique experience that was fantastic to witness and capture. Sometimes those spur of the moment things end up being some of the coolest things.


Have you ever completely psyched yourself out by thinking about a task too much? Yeah, that's us with blogging and social media. We honestly had every intention of posting once, heck maybe even twice a week, but almost 4 months have passed and you guys haven't heard a peep from us on here, and almost three weeks on instagram. For that, I apologize;we've been so focused on the amazing weddings we've been a part of (and you'll see peeks of them all soon on here), building our e-commerce store, and something else that we're passionate for, but not ready to talk about or announce just yet. No mom, it's not a baby.

So with that, hello again! We're now refocusing our blog to be a personal insight to our journey and business; from our Happy Couples to DIY home projects, this will truly be a time capsule of sorts, a place to learn that you can actually do that one thing you wanna do, to find out new places to go, cute things to buy, and maybe even some love and mischief thrown in there for good measure. 

We're both super pumped to begin sharing and making with you! Until next time ;)

Love and Mischief, 

August and Elisabeth